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Living with your new hearing aids

When you wear hearing aids for the first time, it is important to remember that it takes time to get used to how they feel and how they improve your hearing.

Your hearing aid audiologist will show you how to use your hearing aids to get the greatest benefit from them. The best way to start is to build up use gradually, increasing the number of hours that you wear your hearing aids each day and trying them in different listening situations.

Over the years you may have noticed that you no longer hear many of the sounds of life properly, like traffic noise, the fridge, leaves rustling or birds singing.

When you first start wearing hearing aids sounds will reappear and seem loud again. You'll need to allow time to get used to them in your ears, and to how things sound, and what direction the sounds are coming from.

Cafe sceneDon't give up! After a week or so you will get used to your hearing aids and most people realise that hearing aids have transformed their lives.

By wearing your hearing aids for a few hours a day and building up, you can re-educate your brain to deal with these sounds.  Wearing your hearing aids will also help you recognise where sounds are coming from and learn the best settings for different situations.

As you start hearing certain sounds again, you may find them a little loud. If so, you can book another appointment with your hearing aid audiologist to have your hearing aids adjusted.

Five steps to success

  1. Start by listening to everyday noises in familiar surroundings
  2. Try conversations with one person in a quiet room
  3. Try conversations in small groups
  4. Start to wear your hearing aid outside
  5. Try wearing your hearing aid in a noisy place like a pub or restaurant

If any sounds seem uncomfortably loud, talk to your hearing aid audiologist and book a convenient appointment to have your hearing aid adjusted.

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