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Hearing Resources

Have you noticed you have symptoms of hearing loss? Or perhaps you're worried about a friend or someone in your family's hearing? As the world's leading dedicated hearing aid specialist, we're committed to helping you understand all about how hearing works and the causes of hearing loss, we believe that understanding is the first step towards better hearing.
Take a look at our research and resources on hearing and hearing loss below. You should find a variety of interesting and insightful tools and articles. For further information on your hearing, head over to our hearing loss section.
Inside Headphones
Inside Headphones
There is the possibility that new generations could be exposing themselves to hearing damage by using headphones at high volumes volumes or overuse. We've deconstructed 2 pairs of headphones to compare elements.
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Art of Hearing
The Art of Hearing
Immerse yourself into the world of 3D sound and test your sense of hearing in our 3D hearing test. Your hearing is one of your most vital senses for interpreting the world around you.
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65th Timeline
65th Birthday Timeline

Amplifon's 65th anniversary interactive timeline is a celebration of Amplifon, the history of hearing aid technology and momentous occasions from Britain's past. Challenge your knowledge!

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