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Video: What happens during your hearing test

Amplifon recommends that everyone over the age of 50 has their hearing checked regularly, and offers a free comprehensive hearing test to make this easy. If you'd rather start with a shorter hearing health screening instead, this is also free.

Your comprehensive hearing test is a personalised evaluation of your hearing requirements.There is nothing to worry about during your assessment which is conducted by one of our fully qualified hearing aid audiologists and is intended to be an informative, helpful and stress-free meeting. 

Once settled into our hearing test room your hearing aid audiologist will ask you questions about your health, hearing, and lifestyle.  This will not only determine if your hearing loss is likely to be caused by age, illness, occupation or hobbies but also indicate the situations that any hearing aids will need to cope with, if you need them.

What happens during your test?

Visual Examination
  Your hearing aid audiologist will look into your ear with an instrument called an otoscope to see if there is any damage or obstruction that may be affecting your hearing. If we find anything that needs medical treatment, we will recommend that you see an appropriate medical specialist and we will write a letter of referral for you. 
Comprehensive Hearing Test
  Your hearing test will include various audiometric and everyday speech tests to assess your hearing ability. This will include wearing headphones, and responding to a variety of tones. Your response to these tones will measure the level of sound that you are hearing.
Immediate Results
  As the test progresses your hearing aid audiologist will explain the results to you whilst plotting a graph which shows the details of your hearing loss. This is called an audiogram. If you do not have a hearing loss, the hearing aid audiologist will recommend that you come back for another test in approximately two years' time.
Live Demonstration
  If your hearing test has shown that you have a hearing loss, the hearing aid audiologist will provide you with the opportunity to experience a hearing aid demonstration so you can hear the difference it can make to your hearing and how it feels to wear hearing aids.
Expert Advice & Personalised Solution
Your hearing aid audiologist will always provide expert impartial advice that is inyourbest interest. They will take the time to discuss the best options and styles of hearing aids to suit your needs and will recommend the most suitable hearing aids for your hearing problem and your lifestyle.
If you choose to order hearing aids, you will be given an appointment date to come back and have your hearing aids fitted. At this time your hearing aid audiologist will also explain how to look after your hearing aids and tell you all about our comprehensive Lifetime Aftercare programme.