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Video: A hearing health screening explained


Amplifon recommends that everyone over the age of 50 has their hearing checked regularly, and offers a free comprehensive hearing test to make this easy.

However, if you'd rather start with a shorter hearing health screening instead, this is also free. A hearing health screening is vital in detecting some of the underlying conditions of hearing loss, and is a great chance to put your questions to our hearing experts. You will get advice on how we could help take care of a whole range of conditions that could be affecting your hearing.

Your guide to a hearing health screening

A hearing health screening is an easy way to assess the health of your ear canals and ear drums. The screening includes a thorough examination including Video Otoscopy, which could help to identify underlying causes of hearing loss. Some of these include:

    Excessive accumulation of ear wax
    Fluid accumulations in the middle ear
    Perforation of the eardrum
    Scar tissue on the eardrum
    Any abnormalities in the ear canal

Your Hearing Aid Audiologist will use a small fibre optic camera called a Video Otoscope. This is placed at the entrance of your ear canal and allows you to see exactly what's happening on-screen.

Once the health of your ears has been assessed you will be informed if everything looks as it should or if you need further advice from your GP.

We will also perform a quick hearing screening test. If there is an indication of hearing loss your Hearing Aid Audiologist will advise you to have a full hearing test.

The whole process takes up to 40 minutes.

How you'll know if you should reserve your FREE hearing health screening

If you're over 50 and haven't had your hearing checked in the last 2 years, or sometimes find yourself in the situations below, please don't wait to give your local Amplifon branch a call.

    Other people find the volume too loud when you're watching the TV
    It's hard following conversations in busy places
    You find it hard to tell the direction sound is coming from
    You sometimes feel left out when friends and family are chatting
    It's hard catching the beginning of words

So what are waiting for? Book your free hearing health screening appointment today!