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Hearing questionnaire

At Amplifon we do not offer an online sound based hearing test. We believe that online hearing tests are hindered by many factors that would influence the results such as the environment in which the computer is located, background noise and the quality of the speakers being used.

A professional hearing assessment is the only way to be sure your hearing is up to scratch. Our hearing tests are FREE and available at any of our branches at times to suit you.

We take your hearing very seriously and so should you!

If you are worried about someone else's hearing loss, see Symptoms of hearing loss or look through the Symptom Checker.

How well can you...
  1. Q1. ...follow the TV when you are watching with other people?

  2. Q2. ...understand someone speaking in a busy room?

  3. Q3. ...tell which direction a sound or noise is coming from?

  4. Q4. ...understand someone speaking on the phone?

  5. Q5. ...follow a play, church service or presentation if you sit near the back?

  6. Q6. ...understand someone speaking in a quiet room?

  7. Q7. ...understand the conversation when people are speaking in a busy restaurant?

  8. Q8. ...understand a sales assistant in a busy store?

  9. Q9. ...hear the doorbell at home?

  10. Q10.    ...hear noises, such as footsteps, behind you?

If you have concerns about your hearing we recommend you book a free hearing test at your local branch where we can conduct a full assessment of your hearing in a controlled environment with highly calibrated equipment to give you accurate results.