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Your FREE Guide To Better Hearing

Guide to Better Hearing CoverProblems hearing?

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Hearing loss isn't always as obvious as you might think. Laughter, music, conversations - the sounds you love can fade away so slowly that you don't even notice.

This 20 page guide has been written by Amplifon's hearing experts and includes lots of information from this website.

So if you're concerned about your own hearing, that of a family member or a friend, book your free hearing test online today or call us Free on 0800 44 33 44 and request your free guide quoting 'the website'.

Inside Amplifon's Guide to Better Hearing you'll find:

  • Signs and symptoms of hearing loss
  • How it will affect you and your family
  • Getting help from the professionals
  • What to expect from your hearing test
  • Different types of hearing aids and new technology
  • Living with your hearing aid
  • You questions answered
  • How to prevent hearing loss

Todays hearing aids offer so much more:7. CIC aid.jpg

Almost invisible


The latest technology for clearer sound

Book your free hearing test at a time convenient for you, or for your FREE copy of 'Your Guide to Better Hearing' simply call FREEPHONE 0800 44 33 44 quoting 'the website'.