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Understanding hearing loss

Hearing loss can develop gradually, so it can often be difficult to see the signs of your own hearing impairment - let alone that of a loved one. The key to being able to identify and deal with hearing loss is understanding both the causes and the symptoms - by talking about hearing loss we can also break the social stigma attached to hearing loss.

One in ten adults suffer with tinnitus. Warning sounds of developing hearing impairment include having the TV turned up louder than normal, struggling to follow conversations in a noisy environment and turning the head so that one ear faces the sound when listening.

There is an undeserved  stigma attached to hearing loss: that only old people can't hear, that hearing aids look unsightly and that nothing can help when hearing loss occurs. But hearing tests and hearing aids can restore some of that lost communicative ability, although it is wise to avoid online hearing tests and seek professional advice. Online tests can provide a false picture as a lot of it is dependent on the quality of your computer speakers or sound card, while professional hearing tests are free and have the added benefit of impartial, expert advice


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