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Symptom Checker

Here are some symptoms to look out for if you are worried that a family member or friend has hearing loss.

If you are concerned about your own hearing, you might like to go through our online hearing questionnaire.

 Does your family member or friend…

  • …have their TV on much louder than is comfortable for you?
  • …lean forward to hear what you are saying?
  • ...feel unsure which direction noises are coming from?
  • …misunderstand you when talking on the telephone?
  • …struggle to hear at the theatre, cinema or in a place of worship?
  • …ask you to repeat yourself?
  • …have trouble understanding waiters or sales assistants when you are out together?
  • …say they can't hear the doorbell or the phone ringing?

 If you answered 'yes' to two or more of the above questions your family member or friend may have some degree of hearing loss. We suggest you discuss this with them and encourage them to make an appointment for a free hearing test at their local Amplifon branch.