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Hearing Loss Symptoms

Hearing loss symptoms

There are different types of hearing loss and differing degrees of severity, but you may have a hearing loss if you experience one or more of the following hearing loss symptoms: 

  • You can hear people speaking but you have difficulty understanding what they are saying
  • You frequently have to ask people to repeat what they have said
  • You have difficulty working out where sounds are coming from
  • You understand more of what is being said if you are looking at the person speaking to you
  • Friends and family complain that you have the TV or radio turned up too high
  • You cannot hear clearly in noisier places such as a busy restaurant
  • You strain to hear at a distance such as in a theatre or church
  • You complain that others are mumbling
  • You feel left out in conversations
  • You do not hear the doorbell or telephone
  • You miss jokes because you didn't hear all of what was said
  • You have difficulty hearing children's voices
  • You can no longer hear soft sounds such as birds singing
  • You have a history of exposure to loud noise, e.g. working in the construction industry
  • You need to ask colleagues about the details of a meeting or presentation you attended

We recommend that you have a free hearing test if:

  • You experience any of the hearing loss symptoms listed above
  • You can't hear as well as you used to
  • You're over 50 and have never had a hearing test
  • It's more than a year since you last had a hearing test
  • You have a hearing aid but you don't use it
  • Family and friends tell you they are worried about your hearing
  • You have a family history of hearing loss
  • You have a history of exposure to loud noise, such as working in the construction industry or in entertainment