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Helping someone who has a hearing aid

Even if someone is wearing a hearing aid it doesn't mean they can hear perfectly.

Elderly friends together.jpgWhen someone starts to wear hearing aids for the first time the most important thing is to have realistic expectations.

Nothing will restore lost hearing completely and the sound produced by hearing aids may at first seem strange and unfamiliar.

It is important to persevere as after a week or so most people realise that their hearing aids have actually transformed their lives.


 Here are some ways you can help.

  • Make sure you have face-to-face or eye-to-eye contact with the person you are talking to
  • Make sure you have the listener's attention before you start speaking
  • Speak clearly but not too slowly, and don't exaggerate your lip movements
  • Use natural facial expressions and gestures
  • Don't shout. It's uncomfortable for a hearing aid user and it could look aggressive
  • If someone doesn't understand what you've said, don't keep repeating it. Try saying it in a different way instead
  • Find a suitable place to talk, with good lighting and away from noise and distractions
  • Use plain language and don't waffle
  • Avoid jargon and unfamiliar abbreviations