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10 steps to hearing better

Hearing loss creeps up gradually over a number of years, but you could be hearing better within a matter of weeks.

If you think your hearing has deteriorated, make an appointment today. Our experts can offer you a comprehensive hearing assessment and advice on how to improve your hearing - all absolutely free.

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Here's what you need to do: 

1. Research

2. Reassure

3. Recognise

4. Ask questions or book a free hearing test

5.  Attend your hearing test

6. Discuss your options

7. Experience the difference a hearing aid can make

8. Order your hearing aids

9. Come back for fitting

10. Come back for ever


1. Research

Find out how your hearing works and how today's digital hearing aids can help people to hear better in many different environments.

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2. Reassure

See how Amplifon's highly qualified team of hearing aid audiologists has been helping millions of people in 18 countries around the world to reconnect with the world around them.

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3. Recognise

Do you have hearing loss? Understand how to recognise the signs and symptoms and take our hearing questionnaire.

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4. Ask questions or book a test

Call us on        0800 44 33 44




5. Attend your hearing test

Your free Amplifon hearing test includes a detailed hearing history, lifestyle questionnaire, ear examination and hearing test with a qualified hearing aid audiologist. We'll ask you questions about when and where you have difficulty hearing, and what hobbies and interests you have. This helps us to recommend hearing aids that are right for the things you do and the places you are in.

If we find you have no hearing loss, we'll invite you to come back in about two years time for another test.

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6. Discuss your options

We offer a wide range of hearing aids using the latest technology to suit your hearing requirements, your lifestyle and your budget. Our hearing aid audiologists will be happy to advise you on the hearing aids that would be most suitable for you.

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7. Experience the difference a hearing aid can make

If your hearing test has shown you have a hearing loss, our hearing aid audiologist will offer you sample hearing aids to try on. This will give you some idea of how much hearing aids could help you and how it feels to wear them. But depending on the type of hearing aid your hearing aid audiologist recommends, the demonstration may only give you a general idea of how much hearing aids could help - for example, many hearing aids are made individually so they would improve your hearing much more than you could experience with a sample aid during your hearing consultation.


8. Order your hearing aids

We will order the hearing aids you have chosen based on our recommendation and make an appointment for a fitting. If you are ordering an In-the-ear (ITE) model, a mould will be taken of your ear. This only takes a few minutes and is not uncomfortable. 


9. Come back for fitting

Your new hearing aids should be ready within fourteen days depending on your requirements. When you come back your hearing aid audiologist will fit your hearing aids for you and show you how to put them in your ears yourself.

Your hearing aid audiologist will arrange a programme of Lifetime Aftercare to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit from them and they continue to work at maximum efficiency. The hearing aid audiologist will also advise you on how to use your hearing aids and how to take daily care of them to maintain their performance and what to do when batteries need replacing.

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10. Come back for life

Amplifon's Lifetime Aftercare programme looks after you and your hearing aids for life. This unrivalled programme of support includes a regular assessment and evaluation of your hearing, expert help and advice, demonstrations of new hearing aid technology to ensure you continue to get the most out of your hearing and your hearing aids plus a 5-Star Service Check.

During the Aftercare appointments we offer expert help and advice, new technology demonstrations and a 5 Star Service check which includes:

  • Cleaning or replacing tubing and adjusting your hearing aid contacts
  • Cleaning the hearing aid casing and microphone duct
  • Checking for acoustic feedback
  • Checking your hearing aid performance
  • A free pack of hearing aid batteries

We will also assess your hearing on a regular basis to ensure your hearing aids continue to give you the best possible hearing improvement.

You can also make an appointment between your Aftercare appointments to discuss any hearing issues you may have.

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