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Hearing aid types

At Amplifon, we offer a wide range of the latest, high performance hearing aids from the world's leading manufacturers. Below you will find information on the three main cosmetic types of hearing aid and an explanation of our product range banding to help give you a feel for the type of hearing aid you may need.

The latest digital hearing aids come in three main types; Invisible, Behind-the-ear and In-the-ear, all of which come in a variety of different styles, sizes and colours. The most important factors in determining which hearing aid is right for you are; the results of your hearing test, your lifestyle, the type of hearing aid you prefer and your level of dexterity. Based on these four key factors our qualified hearing aid audiologist's will recommend the hearing aids that are most appropriate for you and will satisfy your individual needs, so you feel comfortable and confident wearing them every day. At Amplifon all our hearing aids are personalised and our prices only depend on the features of the hearing aid and not the size, so you can choose the type you prefer.

The three main types of hearing aids

Our product range and packages explained

At Amplifon if you do need hearing aids you'll also receive an extensive range of personalised services - all at no extra cost. This is all part of our tailored Ampli-Solutions packages, which ensures you receive the best possible personalised solutions, whatever your budget. Take a look at our Gold, Platinum and Diamond packages to find out more about the benefits that we can offer you. 

The packages progress to give you the most flexibility for personalising the features to your individual lifestyle. Simply put; as the packages progress the more sophisticated the hearing aids are.

3 Ampli-solutions Packages