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ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound Hearing Aids

At ReSound, they believe in the power of sound to transform people's lives; whatever they are doing, and wherever they may be.

Ultimately, they want you to forget you even have a hearing loss, and simply enjoy the pleasures and enhanced possibilities of sound that's true-to-life.

These principles drive their product development and help them to achieve their goal:


1. We emulate the ear

The healthy human ear is part of the perfect hearing system. So they emulate the way it treats sound, providing the brain with a signal it recognises and can process. We believe that this is the path to a natural listening experience.

2. We use technology to help people

They focus on situations that present the greatest challenges for people with hearing loss. Technology is their most powerful tool, whether it's to address challenges in sound processing, sound sources or even user adaptation. Smart Hearing™ aids are a recent development that adapt to the way people want to live today, combining the best available sound quality with new possibilities to connect with the world around you.

3. We design for individuals

No one is average. There's no standard listening day. People have different priorities and face diverse challenges, from overcoming their own stereotype of who wears a hearing aid to dexterity issues. So they provide options to cover every imaginable combination of desires and demands.