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Ampli-Solutions Diamond Package

Amplifon Diamond Package Benefits
Amplifon's Diamond Package offers you a unique combination of benefits and services* to ensure you have complete peace of mind - at no extra cost!
Lifetime Aftercare
Our Lifetime Aftercare programme provides everything you need to keep your hearing in check:
A check to see how you are getting on with your hearing aid(s)
A service and clean of your hearing aid(s) plus a replacement battery
A check of the performance of your hearing aid(s) to ensure that they are still meeting your needs
A hearing health check to continually check the health of your hearing
5 Star Service Check
Access to our 5 Star Service Check appointment for regular servicing and maintenance to extend the life of your hearing aid(s).
Cleaning Starter Kit
You'll receive a starter kit of cleaning products to help you maintain the maximum performance of your hearing aid(s).
4 Years Warranty
Every hearing aid will come with 4 years hearing aid warranty, offering you peace of mind if you experience any problems with your hearing aid(s).
4 Years Worth of Batteries
As an Amplifon customer you'll receive 4 years worth of batteries for your hearing aid(s). After 4 years you'll receive one pack of batteries per hearing aid at each Aftercare appointment.
4 Years Hearing Aid Parts
As part of the warranty for your new hearing aid(s) you'll also receive 4 years hearing aid parts.
Connectivity Accessory
To support your new hearing aid(s) your Audiologist will also provide you with a Connectivity Accessory or Assistive Device of your choice.
Diamond Card
Connectivity Free Trial
To get the most from your hearing aid(s) we will give you a free trial of the latest digital hearing aid accessories.
Free Trial on Any Upgrade
Try the latest digital hearing aid(s) for free when you next upgrade your hearing aid(s).
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you're not completely happy with your hearing aid(s) we will give you your money back within the first 30 days.
International Cover
Should you need assistance with your hearing aid(s) you'll have access to more than 5,700 specialist centres in 21 countries, giving you added peace of mind.
20% off An Additional Connectivity / Assistive Device
Receive 20% off the purchase of an additional Connectivity Accessory or Assistive Device, including amplified telephones, mobiles and TV amplifiers etc.

If you would like to find out more about our Ampli-Solutions packages, fill out the form on the left to make an appointment to see one of our specialists.

*T&C's are available at your local branch´╗┐´╗┐