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Your personal Ampli-Solutions: More benefits, no extra cost


You can feel 100% confident you've made the right choice buying your new digital hearing aids from Amplifon, as you'll receive an extensive range of personalised services and benefits - all at no extra cost. This is all part of our tailored Ampli-Solutions package, which ensures you get the best possible personalised solutions whatever your budget. Take a look st some of the benefits available for each package just by clicking on the cards:


Gold Card




Find out more about what our personalised Ampli-Solutions Gold Package can offer you with no extra cost.





Platinum Card




Amplifon's Platinum Package offers you more benefits at no extra cost. To find out more click here.





Diamond Card




Amplifon's Diamond Package offers you a unique combination of benefits and services* to ensure you have complete peace of mind - at no extra cost. Find out more here.