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Customer Story - Eddie's Story

Watch Eddie's video and find out how the latest digital technology helped him to hear clearly again.

As his hearing worsened Eddie became more and more frustrated. A visit to Amplifon meant he can now hear his wife again - loud and clear!

A hearing test confirmed that a lack of ear protection in the workplace had damaged Eddie's hearing, meaning he was unable to pick up a lot of high frequencies. The older he got, the more of a problem it became.

"They gave me a free month's trial and I couldn't believe the difference the hearing aids made. I've been back to see Amplifon a few times and they've been brilliant, making adjustments to the type of hearing aids I needed to use and so on.

I'm able to hear a lot more clearly, and can basically get on and enjoy life. Now when my wife shouts at me I've got no excuse because I know what she's saying!"

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