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Customer Story - Christine's Story

Watch Christine's story and find out how her life changed at home and at work with a new promotion thanks to a new hearing solution from Amplifon.


Christine has had problems with her hearing for arounf 15 years. She underwent operations on her ears due to a perforated eardrum. Unfortunatly the operations Christine had were unsuccessful. 

Christine is a National Account Manager for a distribution company and speaks with customers regularly but struggled to hear in meetings and understanding her customers. Christine relied on lip reading to help her piece sentences together and she felt very emabarrassed at time when customers would ask questions and Christine would respond in a way that left people a little puzzled. Christine excluded herself from conversations purely because she couldn't hear them. 

After a Google search where she came across Amplifon, Christine took the first steps and booked an appointment with her local Hearing Aid Audiologist due to the local, friendly service they had to offer. 

The test was very thorough keeping Christine informed every step of the way. After her hearing test Christine said "When I came out I kind of already knew I was gonna go for Amplifon. Decided not to go anywhere else because of that"

It's made a massive difference to Christines life and she was recently was promoted to a more senior role which she feels has contributed to her securing her new role. 

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