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Thanks from ‘the wife’s’ point of view

Dear Amplifon,

I just wanted to write in and say thanks from 'the wife's' point of view!! I've known Phil for 6 years and he has only worn an NHS hearing aid for 6 months of that. When we came into see you for his free hearing test we were amazed at how much more thoroughly you tested his hearing than the NHS test, you spotted that his tinnitus was effecting the test and really went out of your way to get the truest result on the test no matter how long this took. As a result of this we purchased the hearing aids that sit just behind the ear with the clear tube that goes into the ear and the controller. Phil's hearing has been fantastic since. It didn't take him long to get used to them and all the lovely different noises that come from being able to hear properly! He is like a different man. He is more confident as he can now take part in conversations easily and adjust his hearing aids to party mode when we are with company or in a noisy place. I don't have to shout or repeat myself anymore!

Thanks to your staff in the Watford branch for their brilliant service.

Kind regards,
Debbie Joiner