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I would never have thought that the difference in quality would be so great!

Dear Amplifon,

You first prescribed hearing aids for me in 2006, at which time I purchased a pair of GN ReSound AIR60 digital hearing aids. Thereafter, I was very pleased with their overall performance and the quality of assisted hearing they provided.

Recently, and taking into account your regular verbal updates over the past years as regards developments and improvements in hearing aid technology you introduced me to Amplifon's GN ReSound Live7 digital hearing aids. You explained the benefits to be gained by upgrading. I agreed, and on 13th February I took possession of my new hearing aids.

From that moment onwards, I have been most impressed with my recent acquisition. The quality and clarity of sound, together with the overall performance have been truly amazing. Technology in this field has indeed advanced considerably over the past few years and I am truly satisfied with the improved quality of the assisted hearing I am now experiencing. I would never have thought that the difference between the two sets of aids would have been so great!

Your assistance and support in these matters are very much appreciated.

Yours Sincerely
Mr Peter Roberts
Colwyn Bay