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I have no hesitation in recommending Amplifon

Dear Amplifon,

Under pressure from my family, I made an appointment for a free hearing test at Amplifon where after a very detailed examination the concerns about my ability to hear conversations, television, theatre shows etc were revealed to me.

I was recommended two hearing aids for my type of hearing loss and it was explained this would be beneficial to me. After the initial period of adapting to the use of these wonderful devices, I can truthfully state that I am no longer chided by my family and the improvement in my hearing ability has exceeded all expectations. My wife is particularly impressed with the hearing aid TV controller!

The attention to detail, both from the test and follow up visits cannot be questioned and I have no hesitation in recommending Amplifon, thus I have great pleasure in writing this letter.

The branch assistant was a perfect hostess for her jollity in ensuring that the time at Amplifon was both professional and relaxed, this of course was supplemented by an excellent cup of tea.

I am deeply grateful for your wonderful attention to my hearing problems which has resulted in a complete change for the better to enable me to enjoy all the wonderful sounds etc. that surround us every day.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Rhoden

Sale, Cheshire                   September 2011