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I hadn't realised my hearing had got rather worse

Dear Amplifon,

For nearly three weeks I have had my new hearing aids and I have found:

On the first day the car sounded much louder and I wondered if there was a problem with the engine. Later I could hear myself breathing for a while, and can still hear the sound of boiling water when I'm cooking, which is useful.

While I was working on the computer a bluebottle flew behind me from left to right and then flew away. There was a true and surprising 3D effect, which I've noticed in other situations.

The creak of a floorboard on the landing was so loud it startled me for some days, and the dog's bark sounded somewhat louder (not always a good thing) but also more tuneful.

Music, both vocal and instramental, is clearer and more true to life. One great advantage is that the volume of the radio and television has been turned down, so I'm no longer bothering about my next door neighbours.

I had not realised that my hearing had got rather worse and that after some years my aids were no longer giving me the necessary help. Now I feel as though I've turned into myself again - hearing what I want to hear, with no danger of constantly asking people to repeat what they've said, and able to use the phone with no difficulty.

The checks every six months have been invaluable, and the last one identified the need for a change. Thank you

Yours sincerely

Mrs E Harrison    Macclesfield, Cheshire    August 2011