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"I can hear my grand children talk to me again"

Frank CorkFrank Cork - a customer at our Macclesfield branch who has had hearing aids provided by Amplifon since 2002.

In that time, Frank has noticed how the technology has developed to the point that he now wears tiny, almost invisible hearing aids which are so comfortable he sometimes forgets to take them out at night.

Frank commented: "It's only when I put my head on the pillow that I realise they are still in.  My main problem is pitch - I can hear very well but I don't pick up certain sounds including 't' and 's' sounds.  And sometimes, when I'm listening to music I hear the harmony rather than the tune."

Frank's tiny Alera 7 aids are making a big difference for him now though - "They are absolutely amazing."

Frank is a local preacher in the Stockport circuit of the Methodist Church which means he preaches in eight different church environments to eight different congregations.  "The acoustics in some of the churches can be very echoey, but I've found that wearing my hearing aids I can hear even my more softly spoken colleagues when they preach."  Frank also says that he can now recognise and enjoy the different accents across his congregations and have more interaction with people from the pulpit. 

As well as his church commitments, Frank has nine grandchildren who keep him very busy. Said Frank: "My family are important to me and I am enjoying them much more now the children can talk to me without getting frustrated with granddad for not understanding them."

Frank Cork       Cheshire      September 2011