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"Amplifon saved my life"

Dear Amplifon,

Mrs L GollowayI am writing to you today to tell of an extraordinary event in my life recently. After a routine hearing examination at your Margate branch I purchased my hearing aid suprised by how easy it was and the wonderful care I received. I had my checks (Aftercare) over a twelve month period and felt pampered by the help and concern I had.

Earlier this year your hearing aid audiologist was worried by my reaction to his internal check of my ear and expressed his belief that I needed to see my Doctor for a referral to hospital. He knew straight away that there was something wrong. I immediately saw my GP and consequently the E.N.T. Doctor at my hospital. They didn't question your hearing aid audiologist's expertise but sent me for a scan which uncovered a growth deep inside my ear. The surgeon wasted no time in arranging surgery, which also revealed a second growth. There were no signs to warn me of the danger I was in.

Your hearing aid audiologst's intervention and concern has averted a tragedy and had he not had the expertise to notice, or the heart to advise me, the growths would have spread, unchecked, into my brain. Your hearing aid audiologist effectively saved my life.

I can't express my feeling properly in a letter or convey my heart-felt gratitude to your hearing aid audiologist and your company. Believe me when I say that choosing Amplifon and their caring, efficient service is a choice that literally changed my life. Not only can I hear a world lost to me for many years and enjoy my friends and family fully, but find myself telling anyone who will listen, (and some who have no choice) about your company and what it has brought to me.

There probably isn't a medal to pin on your hearing aid audiologist, but I could not leave his praise unsung. I thank him, and you, from the bottom of my heart.

Mrs L Galloway     Margate, Kent     November 2010