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What our customers say about us

What our customers say... 


Sheila Cassidy-Allan

"By helping me to choose a different set of hearing aids and working with me to change them not once, but twice to ensure I had the correct experience, I feel like a different person. A member of your staff even came in during their parental leave which I really appreciated."  Read More


Peter Roberts

"Technology has advanced considerably over the past few years and I am truly satisfied with the improved quality of the assisted hearing I am now experiencing. I would never have thought that the difference between my old set of aids would have been so great!"   Read More


Tom Hulme

"The hearing aids you have provided are excellent and have greatly improved the quality of my life, I hadn't realised how impaired my hearing was until they were fitted."  Read More


Pauline Rowles

"You were professional and patient. Your instructions were clear and precise and you took the time to make sure my father clearly understood. Thank you for your kindness, we will not hesitate to recommend you to friends." Read More


Debbie Joiner

"I just wanted to write in and say thanks from 'the wife's' point of view. When we came into see you for his free hearing test we were amazed at how much more thoroughly you tested his hearing than the NHS test." Read More


Joan Hudgell

"I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the two hearing aids I purchased from you recently. I can now hear sounds I have not heard in years'. It is good to be able to join in with conversations and hear everything." Read More


Tom Rhoden

"I have no hesitation in recommending Amplifon. The attention to detail, both from the test and follow up visits cannot be questioned and I have no hesitation in recommending Amplifon, thus I have great pleasure in writing this letter." Read More


Mrs P Edwards

"I am writing to say how pleased I am with my hearing aid from Amplifon. It has made a vast difference to me and given me more confidence in my everyday life." Read More


Alison Carpenter

"Thank you for the excellent advice and support you provided recently."  Read more


Mrs E Harrison

"I hadn't realised that my hearing had got rather worse and that after some years my aids were no longer giving me the necessary help."   Read more


Frank Cork

Frank Cork

"My family are important to me and I am enjoying them much more now the children can talk to me without getting frustrated with granddad for not understanding them."   Read More


David RossDavid Ross

"Using my hearing aids now to watch television also means that it is not too loud for my wife to enjoy too and I always use them to listen to the radio."  Read More



Mrs L GollowayMrs L Galloway

"I am writing to you today to tell of an extraordinary event in my life recently. After a routine hearing examination..."  Read More


Mr Bob Parry Williams Bob Perry Williams 

"Amplifon's Aftercare is Excellent. In my Aftercare..."  Read More



Marjorie Williamson Mrs Marjorie Williamson

 "Amplifon keep you up to date with new technology as it comes out".   Read More



  Phillip FordPhillip Ford

"Aftercare was a new experience and I felt a bit unsure..."  Read More


  Sister PatSister Pat

"I felt my Aftercare appointments led to an even better..."  Read More


 Lorraine MillwardLorraine Millward

"To me, there's no point in just being issued with hearing aids and not coming back..."  Read More