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Take your first steps to hearing better

It's normal to experience gradual hearing loss as we grow older so why not take a look through our booklet to find out more about how it could affect you?

Hear More Every DaySimply click on the cover of our 'Hear more every day' booklet on the left, please note the magazine will take a few minutes to download fully.

Once it has downloaded why not save it to your computer to read at your leisure.

We strongly recommend that all over 50s have their hearing checked regularly, so we'd like to offer you a comprehensive assessment of your hearing - it's free and without obligation.



3 great reasons to book a FREE assessment of your hearing

1)     1,000s of customers wished they'd been to see us sooner, when they realised how much hearing loss had been affecting their lives.

2)    Your hearing loss could get worse if you leave it - early treatment can help reduce the effects of further loss.

3)     When you see how small and discreet the latest hearing aids are, you'll see there's no need to be put off. Most people will never know you're wearing one.

Don't leave it - book now for your peace of mind

So, book your FREE hearing test right away by clicking on the 'Book your Free hearing test' box at the top left of this page or at the bottom of the page.

Whether your hearing has never been tested before, or you already wear hearing aids, I am ready and waiting to give you expert advice to help you get the most out of your hearing.

Why wait any longer? Not only can you arrange a FREE hearing assessment, but you can also collect your FREE TV Amplifier when you visit your local branch.

Your expert no obligation test includes:

  • A health check of your ears
  • A comprehensive hearing test
  • Immediate results
  • Professional advice
  • Digital hearing aid demonstration