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Survey reveals that 40% of musicians are affected by hearing loss

02 Feb 2016

Survey results have revealed that 40.5% of UK musicians have experienced some form of hearing loss throughout their career.

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Conducted by the charity Help Musicians UK, the survey polled 692 respondents aged between 18 and 75 in order to find out the state of hearing loss in the music industry. Over half (59.5%) answered that they had hearing loss or were not sure and, of these, more than three quarters (78%) thought that being a musician was the cause of their hearing damage.

As many as 81% believed that musicians should wear ear protection, although only 67% admitted to actually using noise-cancelling equipment. Half of respondents had visited a health professional regarding their hearing loss, but of these, 52% thought that the help they had received was ineffective in reducing their symptoms. Of those that hadn't sought help, 39% had not done so due to their belief that hearing loss was simply part of being in the music industry.

The findings cast a light on the stigma associated with hearing protection among musicians, and the dangers of not wearing it. The charity has now produced a guide on hearing protection for musicians that can be accessed here, and advises all performers to employ protective measures when rehearsing and performing.



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