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Number of deaf individuals in Scotland rises by 11%

18 Jan 2016

Action on Hearing Loss has revealed that the number of deaf people in Scotland has risen to 945,000 over four years - an 11% increase.

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The charity's new report, entitled Hearing Matters, notes that as Scotland's population is aging, the Scottish healthcare system is failing to keep up. Some 45% of GPs fail to refer those saying they are experiencing hearing loss to the proper services, and five NHS boards are experiencing increased waiting times. What's more, three boards have ceased providing follow-up appointments entirely.

In response to this news, Action on Hearing Loss are calling on both the Scottish government, NHS, and third sector organisations to do more to improve the lives of sufferers.

The director of the charity's Scottish arm was quoted saying: "It's now more important than ever that the Scottish and UK governments, NHS health services and local councils take urgent action to make sure that everyone who is deaf or has hearing loss across the country can easily access the personalised support they need to stay in employment and live the life they choose."


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